Vignification bandeau 1440 x 400

From grapes to the bottle

We start harvesting when we feel that the maturity of the grapes is ideal. We take this decision thanks to tasting analysies and controls. Grapes are harvested by using a machine: this allows us to be more flexible with the harvest dates. Our machine only picks the grapes and excludes all vegetal waste (like leaves, little piece of bark etc.). This assures us fruit of optimum quality.

Then, the grapes are conveyed to the estate, before being pressed with a pneumatic press. We use a slow press process with a low pressure to extract the best juice from the fruit. 

Then we leave to settle for 12 hours before starting the alcoholic fermentation. This takes place for 2 to 3 weeks at a temperature of 14 to 18 °C. We ferment each block of vines separately and we adjust the winemaking process to the grape variety, the terroir, the maturity of the grapes and the tasting characteristics of the must.