Melon de Bourgogne


Cépage bandeau

Just like the region, our vineyard is mostly planted with the grape variety Melon de Bourgogne. This uniq and emblematic grape variety, is almost entirely cultivated on in our area, which makes us very proud of it. This is THE grape variety which allows the production ofus to produce Muscadet wines. 

At Domaine du Bourgeais, our vines are planted on micaschists and orthogneiss subsoil, offering togiving us drained and easy-reheating soils. So we get a precocious and concentrated maturation of the fruits. The alchemy between Melon de Bourgogne and our terroir, makes allows us to produce some young and fruity wines such as our Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lLie but also some ageing, rich and complex wines such as our cuvées Symphonie and Alto.  


An otherAnother part of the vineyard is planted with two grape varietyies


this grape variety is very well-known in the Nantes vineyard area. It produces our IGP Gamay Rosé. Our Gamay vines are trellistied. This gives to the grape a better exposition exposure to the sun and reduces deseases the risks of disease. 


this grape variety is has very recently been planted on the estate since a few time. He It is also trellis tied and has its leaves  stripped off. Merlot has very nice fruity aromas which helps us to produce our IGP Merlot Rosé “A’rosez l’été” (understand here:literally watering summer/drink raising a glass to summer). He It is also interesting for due his to its strong color and silky tanins which are important in the winemaking process of our Red Merlot.